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Founded by Ariel Len
Filmmaking, theatre, producing, directing, choreography,dancing, writing, visual artist, performance wordscaping, acting

Courage, Creativity and Diversity

Ariel Len Photo

Nuit Blanche 2015

See also this article attached Click Me for description of project and more details.

Our Team:
Ariel Len and J.P. Hunter of Zoey’s Projects
Kerry-Lee Finkle Actor and Dramatic Interpreter (ASL/English)
   ( )
See also the Internet Movie Database Website under each of our names for more information.

Our Sponsors

Bloor Yorkville Eye Clinic                          (416) 968-2300
Painting on loan from Dr. Peter Gold,
Painting by Barbara Winfield,         

Thanks also to Cynthia Mykytyshyn and to all of the Staff at the 401 Richmond Arts Building.

Event Details

Event to be held at the 401 Richmond arts building, Concourse level (a.k.a the basement). Plus 24 other exhibitors at the 401!
Times - 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, and 11:30 pm.

First come first served to participate, with limited seating available to wait for performances. Sign Language Interpretation available in ASL for the 7:30 and 8:30 groups only.

Additional Nuit Blanche All Ages and All Abilities Event to Experience:
   Peggy Baker’s FluxDelux. ( )

Additional Barrier Free Information

Please use the Barrier-Free entrance on the northeast side of the building, the doorway is 36” wide, and also has an automatic door entry.
Please Note: the ramp nearest the corner of Richmond and Spadina needs repairing, so please avoid it.
There is an elevator in the building.
Barrier-free stalls are within the larger washrooms on the first floor of both the men and Womyn’s washrooms. These washrooms do not have automatic door openers though. The barrier-free part of the Womyn’s washroom is 60” by 94.” The barrier-free part of the Men’s washroom is 78”x 48”.
There is also a BF washroom on the 4th floor. The door opening is 34" wide. The men's BF stall is 65" x 35" and the women's BF stall is 35" x 60"
All doorways that I measured were 33” wide, except for the elevator doorway which is 42” wide.
For people who have intense, sensitivity to music, you may want to wear ear plugs, since the music will be played in the same room in which we are dancing.
Tip for you: In general, babies and children are often more sensitive to any noises, especially when under the age of 6. You may want to look into the many hearing safety equipment options out there, made especially for all-aged children to wear, in order for them to better enjoy events like this one.

Current Projects and Upcoming Events:

Words and Music Salon
Guest Performance Artist
Saturday, February 4, 2017

How Ariel Gets Her Groove On!!!
Feature length doc-experimental film
Currently in Post Production

What if H.D. (aka Hilda Doolittle) was Secretly into Dada???!!!
Short Film in Post Production

Recent Events:

FALL FOR DANCE NORTH partnership with Menaka Thakkar Dance Co
Exploring Contemporary Dance with Natasha Bakht
Professional Dancer's Workshop Open to the Public to Observe
Invited Dancer and Choreographer of my own Spontaneous Movements

Saturday, October 8, 2016
Words and Music Salon
Guest Performance Artist
May 7, 2016

Panamania Arts
Dance Performer - Ambassador
Large scale, public participation of Peggy Baker's Flux Deluxe Dance piece
Nathan Phillip's Square
August 8 2015    2 shows    1:00 & 4:00
Peggy Baker's Flux Dance Workshop
Volunteered for testing of new choreography and choreography software for all ages, all abilities audience participation at various events
June 2015
Progress Festival
Make. Make Public.
Dancemakers and SummerWorks Joint Event
A workshop and live performance
Participant, Choreographer, and Dancer
February 2015