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Nuit Blanche

Face Dancing and Dance Painting

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Our Team
Ariel Len and J.P. Hunter of Zoey’s Projects
Kerry-Lee Finkle Actor and Dramatic Interpreter (ASL/English)
See also the Internet Movie Database Website under each of our names for more information.

Event Details
Event to be held at the 401 Richmond arts building, Concourse level (a.k.a the basement). Plus 24 other exhibitors at the 401!
Times - 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, and 11:30 pm.
First come first served to participate, with limited seating available to wait for performances. Sign Language Interpretation available in ASL for the 7:30 and 8:30 groups only. Additional Nuit Blanche All Ages and All Abilities Event to Experience:

Barrier Free Information
Please use the Barrier-Free entrance on the northeast side of the building, the doorway is 36” wide, and also has an automatic door entry. Please Note: the ramp nearest the corner of Richmond and Spadina needs repairing, so please avoid it. There is an elevator in the building. Barrier-free stalls are within the larger washrooms on the first floor of both the men and Womyn’s washrooms. These washrooms do not have automatic door openers though. The barrier-free part of the Womyn’s washroom is 60” by 94.” The barrier-free part of the Men’s washroom is 78”x 48”. There is also a BF washroom on the 4th floor. The door opening is 34" wide. The men's BF stall is 65" x 35" and the women's BF stall is 35" x 60." All doorways that I measured were 33” wide, except for the elevator doorway which is 42” wide.

For people who have intense, sensitivity to music, you may want to wear ear plugs, since the music will be played in the same room in which we are dancing. Tip for you: In general, babies and children are often more sensitive to any noises, especially when under the age of 6. You may want to look into the many hearing safety equipment options out there, made especially for all-aged children to wear, in order for them to better enjoy events like this one.

How Ariel Gets Her Groove On!!!
Created original choreography - both “guerrilla dance” (my created term for in-the-moment, live creations) and traditional pre-planned, contemporary, choreographic style - and performed dance outdoors, in all seasons of the year, for 7 different scenes; and engaged in explorations on the themes of various forms of movement and the body, for 10 additional scenes in this feature length documentary/experimental film

The Warm-up Before Training:
Behind the Scenes, in the Depths of the Womyn's Locker Room!!!
World premiere at Dancenette, Dance Choreography with my full body, and also with my Walker on Wheels Athena

Ariel Does Toronto!!!
Guerrilla dance/choreography in 9 outdoor locations, celebrating both Toronto and the Toronto Fringe Festival, made especially for the Fringe 25 Second Film Contest, premiered online via both the Toronto Fringe Festival website and (in a slightly longer version) on my own website, for free public viewing, short film

What if H.D./Hilda Doolittle Was Secretly Into Dada???!!!

What if Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres Was Finally Given The Late Night Talk Show She Deserves?!
Still 1 from Ellen Dance Still 2 from Ellen Dance

Marilyn Monroe: The Last Word is Mine!!!
Still 1 from Marilyn Monroe Dance Still 2 from Marilyn Monroe Dance

Live, Multi Medium Spontaneous Performance
using audience members, musicians, dance, text, spoken word, hand held instruments and performing both in studio and in hallways
Still 1 from ArrayMusic Still 2 from ArrayMusic Still 3 from ArrayMusic

Dance Painting Demystified - A Three Part Tribute
Still 1 from Dance Expeditions May 2011 Still 2 from Dance Expeditions May 2011
Photos Courtesy of Foto Dances © Peter Lear

Highlights of Dance Performances

Progress Festival “Make. Make Public.”
Dancemakers and SummerWorks Joint Event February, An all day workshop and live performance. Participant, Spontaneous Choreographer, and Dancer.
Panamania Arts
Dance Performer/Ambassador in Large scale, public participation event for Peggy Baker's Flux Deluxe Dance piece at Nathan Phillip's Square, also volunteered as a Performer testing this new software for accessibility on a previous occasion, and to write some promo materials for them, August
Nuit Rose a first ever Event
World Pride
Performing Reclaimed Drag/Dance/performance art Tribute pieces for Ellen DeGeneres and Marilyn Monroe
Several locations
The Warm-up Before Training:
Behind the Scenes in the Depths of the Womyn's Locker Room!!!
A World Premiere Dance Piece by Ariel Len of Zoey's Projects
Ariel Len of Zoey's Projects at Fringe Festival!
I have been selected by the Fringe Festival to give two solo performances at the outdoor Fringe Club behind Honest Ed's. I will surprise you at these events with one of my live dance Tributes to Ms. Marilyn Monroe, or Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres, or H.D./Hilda Doolittle, or Dance-Painting!!! I may also throw in a Performance Wordscape or Two!
   Thu  July 4   20:30 - 21:00   Ariel Len
   Mon July 8   21:10 - 21:40   Ariel Len
What if HD/Hilda Doolittle was Secretly into Dadaism???!!!
Invited to submit project to the Canadian Dance Assembly’s National Dance Week in Canada, chose to make a new film of excerpts of several live dance pieces, and of a new piece in process of creation in studio, showed it online via 2 websites for free, to International Viewers, April
Bob Rumball Centre for Seniors who are Deaf
Audience participation workshop on how to Dance-Paint. Presentation on Zoey's Projects and the work I create. Q&A about being an artist. Live Performance of Dance-Painting.
Parahumans Fundraiser
What if HD/Hilda Doolittle was Secretly into Dadaism???!!!
Dance / Multi-medium Performance
Tranzac Club
Nuit Blanche sponsored by Dance Ontario
What if HD/Hilda Doolittle was Secretly into Dadaism???!!!
A live multi-medium performance including; original choreography and dance, original music sound track, new wordscape, and visual art piece.  Silent Auction of visual art piece throught the night with half the proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund.
Kabaret V Stage, Distillery District
Rock, Paper, Sistahz - b Current Festival
Live Spontaneous Dance Duet
Wychwood Barns
Dance Ontario Dance Expeditions
Toronto Arts and Letters Club
Dance Ontario Dance Expeditions
Toronto Arts and Letters Club
Multi-Medium Performance
Ellington's Music & Cafe
Brave Beginnings Encore
Two Live Dance Performances
Poster for Dance Expeditions  Dance Ontario
InspiraTO Festival
Performed in Play, Danced, Sang and Acted
Rock Paper Sistahz b Current Festival
Dance performance and talk on Diversity for Uth Day
Wychwood Barns
Mississauga Youth Olympics
Dance Painting Demonstration, Exhibition of giant 8x10 foot canvas and Q&A

Dance Projects in Development

I have about 40 dance projects at various stages of development, in terms of Womyn and also some men, I have choosen to pay tribute to, other themes I am exploring, choreography, music selection, costumes and props. Stay tuned and come out to see me perform to fully enjoy the surprise of what you can see!

I am very Proud to be one of Canada's only Professional Dancers who has trained myself, to put down my cane, and dance for you in Celebration and Representation of People of Diverse Abilities!!!

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