The Warm-up Before Training:
In the Depths of the Womyn's Locker Room

The idea for this piece came to me literally when I was in the Womyn’s locker room! I was there at my usual time - around 7:30 am - and in my usual, near catatonic, early morning state. Once again, I was trying to psych myself up for another one of my (what has now grown into 3 and a half hours) of self training, boot camp style, workouts. This includes 2 and a half hours of weight machines and body lifting, followed right afterwards by about 3 miles of speed walking with my walker on wheels and all my gear. I do this outdoor speed walking 12 months of the year, in all types of weather, with temperatures ranging up to the 30’s, both above and below 0.

I decided to create a piece which takes me from this near catatonic beginning of the workout state, through a symbolic warm up, and then also symbolically, into a full blown workout routine involving body movements, lifting, and dance.

When I do this gruelling workout in the gym, the music I play to accompany myself is crucial, and must be the most inspirational!!! For this live performance, (and for myself in my own life) I chose a no longer well known song, which I discovered in my ongoing and intensive research into music. It is by Sylvester Stuart (that’s Mr. Sly Stone to you!) and it is the song Plain Jane.

In all of my artistic creations and in my own life, I like to Celebrate and Represent, by using music Created by Womyn, and/or Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Artists, from any time period between 1900 to the present time.

Right after I premiered this piece live, a mature, African Canadian Womyn in the audience came up to me, and thanked me for my performance, and for the song which she said she loved!

I felt really happy that it had meant a lot to her!