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Require Experienced and well-known Film Co-Executive Producer for my new feature length film I have created the story for, and plan to Co-Executive Produce, Solo Direct and Co-write

Require an Experienced and well-known Film Co-Executive Producer for my new feature length doc I plan to Co-Executive Produce, Solo Direct, and Co-write celebrating 2 famous Womyn Icons

I Ate the H0le Thing

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How Ariel Gets Her Groove On!!!

2013 Fringe - 25 Second Film Contest

Dance Week Montage

This is How I Get Stronger

Domestic Wildlife

Ms. Marilyn Monroe: The Last Word is Mine!!!

I Ate The H0le Thing

This feature length documentary/experimental film called "I Ate the H0le Thing" celebrates 36 diverse Canadian Womyn in more than 6 languages.  Womyn of a multitude of ethnic, cultural, linguistic, ages, sizes, shapes, (dis)Abilities (renamed Uniquenesses) orientations, identities, socio-economics, backgrounds, ideas and beliefs are featured.  Each Womyn was given a list of words and asked to create whatever piece she wanted to, by using these words as a spring board.   The Director/Producer Ariel Len of Zoey's Projects, selected a combination of artists in dance, puppetry, performance and written poetry, visual art, and burlesque, as well as actors, and most importantly of all, a large sampling of the amazing everyday Canadian Womyn heroes who are out there making things happen and keeping it all together!  This film includes a performance piece called "Size 0" which is the burial of the myth that this is the one and only "ideal" size for a Womyn.  It also includes true stories, theories, ideas, and beliefs, in addition to the performance art, all of which are celebrating the phenomenal strength and enduring spirit of our Canadian Womyn.

Excerpt from I Ate the H0le Thing

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Public Screenings

How Ariel Gets Her Groove On!!!
Feature length, documentary/experimental film, HD, currently in post-production, Doc Shop for Industry Members only, at Hot Docs Film Festival Toronto, 2014
I Ate the Hole Thing
Feature length documentary/experimental film, HD
Premièred Internationally at GiRLFeSt Hawaii
a multi-day, Professional Festival with sponsors over the years including the Hawaiian State Commission on the Status of Women, the National Organization for Women, the International Waikiki Foundation, the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery, etc., 2008
[ Listed on the Internet Movie Database and other worldwide databases ]
I Ate the H0le Thing
Doc Shop for the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto, 2009
I Ate the H0le Thing
Industry Forum - Freun (Women's) International Film Festival, 2009
Ariel Does Toronto
Short video dance/performance art film, celebrating the Toronto Fringe Festival and many of my favourite places in Toronto, made especially for the Fringe 25th Anniversary 25 Second Film Contest, premiered online via both the Toronto Fringe Festival website and (in a slightly longer version) on my own website
2013 Fringe Website
National Dance Week in Canada
Invited to participate in an event run by the Canadian Dance Assembly, Created and hosted a film of my dance work and a rehearsal of my work on their website, as well as my website for this event, April 2013
Getting Down with Marilyn Monroe, Ellen DeGeneres, H.D./Hilda Doolittle, and Ariel Len of Zoey’s Projects!!!
Short, video dance/performance art film, Premiered National Dance Week in Canada online via their website, and on my own website, 2013
The Bikini
Short, silent, video film (Version one) presented along with my live Performance Wordscape premiered at my “The Big ASS Spring Is Finally Here Show”, 2012