Happy International People of Diverse Abilities Day EVERYONE !!!

December 3rd 2019

I realize that this day is still called International Day of Persons with DIS abilities.
However, there is a Vastly Growing Number of People all around the World - Myself Included - who see the words DIS abled or Impaired, as highly DIS criminatory and DIS respectful.

While Inclusive and Respectful language/terminology has been Created for all of the other Diversities, these DIScriminatory words still remain, for all of my Worldwide Communities of People with Diverse Abilities.

I have done Ongoing Work around Creating 100% Inclusion for All Diversities - Including Womyn - via Zoey's Projects, which I founded 13 years ago. My work, my website, and my IMDB pages go all around the World, on a Continuous basis.

I have also Created the term People/Artists of Diverse Abilities, to Replace these old, Exclusionary, and DIScriminatory terms.

I would like to Experience All of Us, All around the World, using the Opportunity of this day, and every day afterwards, to also Internationally Challenge the language/terminology used to describe Us, via Our signage, Our interviews, Our press materials, and through Our in Person, and online Presence, etc.

All of these methods can be a Crucial part of Our Work to Achieve 100% Visibility, Inclusion, Respect, and Equality, in ALL Areas of Work and Life.

In order to Really Achieve this, the language/terminology currently used to Degrade and Minimize us, MUST ALSO BE REPLACED.

Happy International People of Diverse Abilities Day EVERYONE !!!


Ariel Len of Zoey's Projects